Which antique or precious jewellery can be sold easily?

Published on : 24 September 20203 min reading time

Beauty devices, lucky charms, valuable objects, jewellery is an important element in society. They detail a person’s personality and identity. They have defined social ranks for centuries and centuries. They are timeless devices, which are always sold whether they are new or used.

Antique or precious jewellery easy to sell

Antique or precious jewellery that sells best are those that are valuable such as gold, silver and sometimes platinum for example. The value does not only depend on the metal, it also depends on other criteria such as stones (semi-precious, precious, etc.). In addition to this, the provenance of the jewellery and its history are also important. To find out whether your jewellery is valuable or not, the best thing to do is to ask for a jewellery appraisal. Appraising a valuable piece of jewellery will allow you to obtain all the information you need to sell and to know if you will be lucky to sell or not. You can visit mr-expert.com/ if you want to learn more about jewellery valuations.

The appraisal of a piece of jewellery

The jewellery market, like the art market, is thriving. Some jewellery is even sold at exorbitant prices at auctions. Even so, there are some jewels that cannot be sold. The best way to find out which jewellery you can easily resell is to have a jewellery appraisal carried out by an expert. There are some who offer free estimates. In addition, some of these experts will be able to guide you to find a buyer easily. The estimate will consist of detecting the value of your jewellery and knowing their precious metal rates, their origins, their prices, etc. Why is this information important? Because it will allow you to easily sell the jewellery and to propose an interesting price.

A certificate of authenticity

Antique or precious jewellery that is easy to sell is also those with a certificate of authenticity. During a jewellery appraisal, an expert will carry out jewellery expertise and authenticity checks. To do this, he will check every detail of the jewellery, starting with the stones to see if they are semi-precious or precious or fake. He will then analyse the metal that makes up the jewellery. He will also check the signature of the jewellery designer to determine the origin. In the meantime, this will allow him to know the carat rate. He will also check if there is any history around the jewellery being evaluated. If this is the case, they will cost more and attract more customers. Once all these steps have been taken, the expert will issue a certificate of authenticity.

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