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Françoise DE FELICE

Françoise is a French-born Italian painter famed for creating her own artistic style. Although her pioneer inspiration was French Impressionism, she outgrew it and started her style. She drew inspiration from random adventure and developed a creative painting approach through her discoveries. With time, her paintings found favour in Geneva, London, Paris, Rome and Padua. gives the chronology of events that influenced her craft and marketed her artworks.


The pioneer Françoise de Felice art drew its relevance from French Impressionism. Her grandmother guided her through her Arts School and pupillage, which moulded her artistic thinking. However, when she left France for Sicily, her perception of art changed, and she adopted a unique approach. The Sicilian Baroque and the Light of sand were her first pieces of art with the new style. Françoise de Felice moved places for quite a while before settling in Paris. She visited the Mediterranean belt, where she learned a lot about contemporary art.

The paintings have precise lines and fluid shapes. They are random, soft and melancholic, telling stories in the process. The technique is a form of self-evaluation through her painting career. It gauges the readiness of her style for the market. Françoise de Felice art grew to what we see today. Her style is unique, colour mixing is outstanding, with depictive personalities.


From her Paris studio, she painted numerous pieces, which she showcased to the world. Her notable exhibitions were in London, Geneva, Caracas Padua and Rome. The paintings opened up Françoise’s softer side, which made her art unique. Some of her most recent artwork include:-

  • Portrait de femme III (2020)
  • L'éblouissante (2019)
  • Les raisins de la colombe, (2018)
  • Le missel, (2017)
  • Jade (2014)
  • Portrait de femme II (2002)

However, Françoise sells her paintings to private collectors, limiting the number of exhibitions she can manage at a given time.


Most of Françoise’s paintings were women. She loved colours, and women would be the best bet to showcase them. Moreover, femininity oozes not only gentleness and grace but can also exhibit androgynous tendencies. Females also depict intimacy, a trait that opens up the subject to exploration and curiosity. Even in mythology, women had a softer and “vulnerable” side that made them attractive and beautiful.

Through her paintings, revellers saw the beauty of the world. The women in her paintings appeared like phoenixes to usher in a new dispensation. Many art enthusiasts have different interpretations of Françoise de Felice art, but all agree on the renaissance.

Discovering Françoise de Felice Online

With technology, art lovers can access Françoise’s paintings online through various avenues. If they search her name, they can access a good number of her paintings online. is an excellent site where one can get her history and some of her famous paintings. Follow her paintings on dedicated social and conventional media and enjoy the quality and unique artwork.

Buyers can go to verified art selling sites and purchase. With very many online selling shops, insist on the original oil on canvas paintings with footnotes written by the painter. They are worth every coin buyer spends on them. Although there are different shades of the same painting, look out for original paintings. Double-check the site before closing in the sale.

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