Exploring Identity and Diversity Through Art

In this article, we will be exploring identity and diversity through art. Art is often seen as a way to express oneself, and it can be used as a tool to help us understand and embrace diversity. Diversity is something…

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masters of art

Who are the modern masters of art?

There is a discreet return to an older method of art. At this time, it seemed painting mattered more than just creating art for sale. The shock value was lowly regarded. There was unity between the art and the craftsmanship….

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Françoise DE FELICE

Discover Françoise DE FELICE’s art online

Françoise is a French-born Italian painter famed for creating her own artistic style. Although her pioneer inspiration was French Impressionism, she outgrew it and started her style. She drew inspiration from random adventure and developed a creative painting approach through…

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A masterpiece at home? How to have it appraised?

After the sharing of inheritances, you had as a legacy from your ancestors, a very old painting which was created by a recognised artist. But this painting does not interest you since it does not suit your interior decoration for…

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Online art appraisal: the tools that will help you

In order to find the services and goods you wish to purchase, you can currently choose from several solutions offered by experts and online professionals. Thanks to the new search methods and practices offered by modern search tools, you can…

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What are the missions of an art expert?

Art galleries and museums often call in an expert before exhibiting their works. Moreover, these experts play an important role in the success of an exhibition. Antique dealers, collectors, courts and customs can also call on them. What exactly are…

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What is the role of an art gallery owner?

A gallery owner is the person who will defend the artist’s work or art in a gallery. He or she must have a minimum of knowledge about art and art market negotiations in order to be able to sell and…

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Reselling a listed painting on the internet: instructions for use

Are your paintings invading your flat? In practice, selling a painting online is an effective way to solicit many potential buyers. Possible solutions If you are an amateur or an artist, there are two possibilities. Either you put the painting…

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How can I find out about the popularity of contemporary painters?

The rating of contemporary painters fluctuates according to several criteria such as the value of a work, the conditions of the art market, the painter’s career… In addition to the purely commercial value, a contemporary work also generates a subjective…

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All you need to know about the taxation of art for private individuals?

Many people are increasingly interested in art. Fortunately, the taxation of art has become advantageous whether it is for artistic or decorative interest or for a lucrative operation. In France, works of art benefit from a privileged tax regime. Capital…

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