How do you wind an old clock?

Some people may be surprised that mechanical clock purchased at an antique store needs to be wound regularly in this day of everything electronic. Winding an ancient clock requires a few easy rules should get anyone started. Open a glass…

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Antique furniture, knick-knacks: where to buy an antique?

To buy antique objects, period furniture, etc. it is advisable to contact an antique dealer who is an experienced professional in the purchase and resale of antiques. Nowadays with the internet it is possible to buy and sell antiques online….

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Which antique or precious jewellery can be sold easily?

Beauty devices, lucky charms, valuable objects, jewellery is an important element in society. They detail a person’s personality and identity. They have defined social ranks for centuries and centuries. They are timeless devices, which are always sold whether they are…

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Bronze objects: how to identify valuable pieces?

Many bronze objects may have cultural, artistic and archaeological value. In order to identify valuable bronze objects efficiently, it is advisable to contact a company specialising in the appraisal of art objects directly. To carry out an online appraisal of…

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Savoir reconnaitre l’argent, 7 m├ęthodes pour l’identifier efficacement.

Silver is a very popular material for jewellery making. To qualify as jewellery, silver objects must be composed of 92.5% pure silver and less than 7.5% of another metal, usually copper. There are many cheap imitations of silver in which…

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What are the differences between a broker and an antique dealer?

Do you want to sell furniture and/or miscellaneous or antique objects? Are you hesitating between going to an antique dealer or an antique shop? You’ve come to the right place. Through this article, take advantage of a complete guide to…

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Is it possible to negotiate the price in an antique shop?

Before buying an object from an antique dealer, you can always try to negotiate the price. Some antique dealers are open to negotiation and you can get a discount of around 20% on the price originally advertised. But you should…

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How to make good deals in antiques?

Are you a fan of old objects such as antique mirrors and retro lamps? Then you should know that it is quite possible to get a good deal on antiques. To make real savings while taking advantage of the best…

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How to recognize an antique and precious vase?

In the field of decoration, the vase is very important. But antique vases have more value than vases in today’s world. In order to recognise antique vases properly, you need to know what a vase means. And then you have…

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