How can I find out about the popularity of contemporary painters?

Published on : 25 September 20203 min reading time

The rating of contemporary painters fluctuates according to several criteria such as the value of a work, the conditions of the art market, the painter’s career… In addition to the purely commercial value, a contemporary work also generates a subjective artistic value that stems from the public’s feelings. An artist’s rating is a parameter that mixes all these elements.

To know the rating of a contemporary painter

The simplest way to find out about the prices of contemporary painters is to consider the prices of works at auctions. An artist’s price is not fixed, and for an artist’s price to be sustainable, it is necessary to observe the values achieved over several years in a row. As each painting is different, the quotation of a painter also fluctuates according to the subjects treated, depending on the demand on the art market and the demand of art lovers for the artist in question. International exhibitions, galleries, fairs and art shows also provide information on an artist’s rating.

Find the rating of a contemporary painter

To find out about contemporary painters’ quotations or the value of a particular painting, you can also consult an art website. Subscribing to this type of platform is free and gives you access to the latest values obtained at auctions. It is important to know that an artist’s sale price is based on the hammer price and does not include the selling costs which are added to the auction price, i.e. between 20 and 25% more. These specialized websites list thousands of contemporary artists, from all fields: painting, sculpture, photography, etc. In order to search for the quotation of a painter, you need to know the exact name of the painter in order to be able to search for him in the alphabetical index. If you know his nationality, the artistic movement, the period, you can immediately select the most appropriate heading.

Assessing the rating of a contemporary artist

It is important to know that the popularity of contemporary painters does not generally reside in aesthetic criteria or in the affection of art lovers. A rating is based on the number of exhibitions, where the artist has exhibited his paintings to enhance his reputation through his collections. You can also call on an expert and specialist in the art market to find out the rating of a contemporary painter. Social networks, artists’ personal websites, art schools, gallery websites are also interesting sources of information.

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