Bronze objects: how to identify valuable pieces?

Many bronze objects may have cultural, artistic and archaeological value. In order to identify valuable bronze objects efficiently, it is advisable to contact a company specialising in the appraisal of art objects directly.

To carry out an online appraisal of your bronze objects

Do you have bronze objects and want to know their value? For a bronze appraisal at its fair value, it is advisable to contact directly a company or online websites specialising in the appraisal of works of art like for instance. Bronze objects that can be appraised by an expert are, for example, old bronze medals, statuettes, ornaments and decorative bronze objects... For a bronze expertise and estimate by a confirmed professional, the procedure consists of filling out a dedicated online form. The owner is required to give a brief description of the object's particularities and to upload a real photo. It will also be necessary to indicate his personal contact details in order to obtain the results of the appraisal of the bronze object as soon as possible.

In-depth analysis of bronze objects

Sometimes, the owner of a bronze object requires a thorough expertise. This kind of service is indispensable when it concerns a bronze art object that may very well be of interest to gallery owners, archaeologists and other professionals in the art sector. A thorough appraisal of a bronze art object is carried out by a professional bronze expert. This expert can be an artist, a precious metals professional, an art objects specialist... After a thorough analysis, the bronze art object is known in its smallest details. Each potential buyer will then be able to have reliable and precise answers to each of his questions about the object, whether they are classical or technical questions. In this way, he will have a perfect knowledge of the art object proposed to him. The potential buyer will then be able to purchase the object with full knowledge of the facts and at a fair price.

Selling your bronze objects in a private sale

Using a bronze expertise for your antiques and objets d'art means knowing their value so that you can sell them at the best price. The problem at this level is to find potential buyers, people who are able to take an interest in these bronze objects. Instead of betting on public auctions, it is better to collaborate with a professional art valuator and to resort to private sales of your bronze objects. The professional can, in fact, find potential buyers who work in the art sector or in related fields. The owner will thus have the chance to sell his bronze objects at the right price.
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