A masterpiece at home? How to have it appraised?

After the sharing of inheritances, you had as a legacy from your ancestors, a very old painting which was created by a recognised artist. But this painting does not interest you since it does not suit your interior decoration for example or you think that it takes up too much space in your home. Moreover if you have a problem of money while you have in hand a painting which perhaps has value then it is possible that you think of putting it on sale. To do so, you can seek advice from an expert to put it up for auction. Sometimes the painting is not very appreciated by all the members of the family but especially by you who are not an art lover.

Estimating a painting: who to contact?

To make an estimate of a painting or an artistic work, the best thing to do is to contact an art appraisal expert. In this way, you will avoid being mistaken about the true value of your painting. Sometimes, the owner does not realize the varying value of the wealth he has on hand, especially if he knows nothing about it. You must make an estimate of the value of your painting before you start selling it. Please contact an expert to find out when it was designed. You have several choices when estimating your work of art. First, you can contact an auctioneer to assess its value. This expert will then make an in-depth study and observation of your painting. This way the painting will be sold at its fair value. You can also have your painting appraised using the internet. Some websites offer appraisal services. Therefore the valuation is done online and by people who are still experts but who work and value online. A website like https://mr-expert.com/ is specialised in painting valuations.

To know the value of a painting

To find out the true value of a painting, the first thing to do is to look for the price of the painting that is closest to yours. This is the first indicator to also fix the fraud index. Then it is necessary to estimate the age or the time of its creation because the older the painting is, the more valuable it is. Finally, you will need to contact an expert who will take care of estimating your painting. The expert's opinion is very important and will be decisive in determining the value of a painting.

Knowing if a painting is valuable

Several old paintings are hanging on the walls of your house and you don't know which ones are valuable. The value of a painting lies in the quality of the canvas as well as in the quality of the paintings applied to the canvas. Then the notoriety of the painter who made it also plays an important role in the evaluation of your painting. It is necessary to know if it was conceived by a known painter or a painter of renown in his time. It is also necessary to know for what occasion the painting was created.
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