Reselling a listed painting on the internet: instructions for use

Are your paintings invading your flat? In practice, selling a painting online is an effective way to solicit many potential buyers.

Possible solutions

If you are an amateur or an artist, there are two possibilities. Either you put the painting for sale on a generalist website. It may be the jungle, but a piece costing less than 500 € can easily be sold there. If you sell a painting costing more than 500 €, get paid in cash or with a Paypal account before or during delivery, but never afterwards. Either you go through a specialised website. Before choosing one, take into account your first impression of the quality of the presentation of the website. A painting gallery on the Internet could also be interesting. Creating your own website to resell a painting on the internet is another alternative. Be aware that this requires a certain investment. This way, you do not have to pay any commission. Even if you opt for this solution, you can still go through third party websites. As far as delivery is concerned, make sure you estimate the cost of sending the goods at your own expense and add it to the selling price.

Estimate the work of art

When you want to resell a painting on the internet, you must inquire about the value of a painting by researching the artist's quotation before putting it up for sale. Thanks to this quotation, you will be able to fix the price at the time of the sale. The authentication of a famous painting by a renowned artist is essential when you wish to resell it. Thanks to the estimation of the painting, you can know the exact price of a painting following the current market prices. It will be possible for you to sell a work of art with the assurance of a justified and adequate price while achieving a satisfactory sale. Consulting the auction databases will also help you.

Some practical advice

Be aware that the Internet is a risky environment for a buyer. With a large quantity of fakes, there are a lot of heterogeneous offers. You will therefore need to have some knowledge about art before reselling a painting on the internet. Since galleries and publishers have created their own websites, the offer on seller's websites has become plethoric. It is therefore advisable to choose a website that is recognised by Internet users and receives many visitors. Fill in the references of your painting and publish your ad correctly with a photo, a detailed description...
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