Antique Book Prices

Antique BooksThere are several different reasons to buy antique books. Some individuals love the manner that antique books add to the elegance of a home. Others invest in books to resell for profit. Some people set out to collect a special set of books like those in a particular genre or author or period of time. Antique books contain a glimpse into the past. It is astonishing to see the early procedures and techniques from a technical book from the past. What about being able to read history not from what is actually written on the pages of an antique book but from the way and the way it is written in.

To preserve your antique book price you need to look after your books. Antique books are fragile and need to be safe and sound from humidity and damp. They should also be protected from wear and tear as well. Things like creased or ripped pages or warping can bring down the price of the books. Antique books should always be treated carefully and with respect to their age. It’s not a bad idea to wear gloves when handling books that are rare or fragile. They need to be kept on a flat, smooth shelf that will satisfactorily be able to support their weight. If you find the original antique bookcase that they were kept in, then that’s probably ideal.  Some books are quite large and can be extremely heavy.  Books that are already considered antique because they are over one-hundred years old or books that are on their way to becoming antique should never be in contact with unsealed wood. Unsealed wood can release acidic vapors that could hurt the book. Sunlight can do a great deal of harm to an antique book. It can cause fading and the book could dry out to the point of cracking.

It is not uncommon for antique book collectors to pay as much as two-thousand dollars for a selection of publications but the price of the book is determined in many different ways. The price of antique books usually depends on how rare they are as well as their condition. The rarer the books are, the higher the price. How popular the book is also adds to its value. For instance, an antique copy of the classic novel ‘Gone with the Wind’ would fetch a greater price then a lesser known book. Another thing that will greatly determine the price of an antique book is if it is signed or initialed by the author. That is one explanation why book signings are so popular. A simple inscription from the author raises the value of any book. Another thing that determines the cost of an antique book is not only what the book is and who it is written by but the original ownership of the book is significant as too.

Antique book collectors look to dealers to find the antique books that they are eager to purchase. They also buy antique books at thrift stores, flea markets, garage sales and estate sales. Some collectors search for those books that are not antique yet but are on their way. They know that with the continued proper care these books will soon be able to offer them a material profit from what the original book cost. Buy antique books that are 1st editions; books that are in or are close to mint condition; or those that are signed or inscribed by a well-known figure of the day.